Gladness Of Heart

NARROW+test+USEING-6-13+%25282%2529_png_cf shamachah lab (שמחה לב) – gladness of heart

2 Chronicles 7:10 And on the twenty-third day of the seventh month he sent the people away to their tents, rejoicing and glad of heart for the goodness that YAHUAH had done for Dude (David) and for Shalumah, and for His people Yashur’al.

Psalms 4:6-8 Many are saying, “Who would show us good?” YAHUAH, lift up the light of Your face upon us. (7) You have put more gladness in my heart, than in the season that their grain and wine increased. (8) I lie down in peace altogether, and sleep; for You alone, O YAHUAH, make me dwell in safety.

Psalms 97:11-12 Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright of heart. (12) Rejoice in YAHUAH, you righteous, and give thanks at the remembrance of His Set-apartness.

Proverbs 15:15 All the days of the afflicted are evil, but gladness of heart is a continual feast.

Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 See what I have seen: It is good and pleasant for one to eat and drink, and to enjoy the good of all his labour in which he toils under the sun all the days of his life which Aluahim gives him, for it is his portion. (19) Further, when Aluahim has given any man riches and wealth, and permitted him to enjoy them, and to receive his portion and rejoice in his labour, this is a gift of Aluahim. (20) Though it not be much, let him remember the days of his life, because Aluahim bears witness by the gladness of his heart.

Ecclesiastes 9:7 Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a glad heart; for Aluahim has already approved your works.

Song of Shalumah (Solomon) 3:11 Go forth, O daughters of Tsyun, and see Sovereign Shalumah with the crown with which his mother crowned him on the day of his wedding, and on the day of his gladness of heart.

Yashaw’yahu (Isaiah) 30:29 Let the song be to you as in a night set apart for a festival, and gladness of heart as he who is going with a flute, to come into the mountain of YAHUAH, to the Rock of Yashur’al.

Acts 2:46-47 And day by day, continuing with one mind in the Set-apart Place, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, (47) praising Aluahim and having favour with all the people. And the Master added to the assembly those who were being saved, day by day.



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