Babies For Bricks


Shamut (Exodus) 1:8-14 Then a new sovereign arose over Matsuraim, who did not know Yahusaph, (9) and he said to his people, “See, the people of the children of Yashur’al are more and stronger than we, (10) come, let us act wisely towards them, lest they increase, and it shall be when fighting befalls us, that they shall join our enemies and fight against us, and shall go up out of the land.” (11) So they set slave-masters over them to afflict them with their burdens, and they built for Pharaoh supply cities, Pithom and Raw’amses. (12) But the more they afflicted them, the more they increased and grew, and they were in dread of the children of Yashur’al. (13) And the Matsurites made the children of Yashur’al serve with harshness, (14) and they made their lives bitter with hard bondage, in mortar, and in brick, and in all kinds of work in the field, all their work which they made them do was with harshness.

Book of Yashur (Jasher) 69:5-7 Then Pharaoh commanded in those days that a proclamation should be issued throughout Matsuraim to the children of Yashur’al, saying, No man shall diminish any thing of his daily labor. (6) And the man who shall be found deficient in his labor which he performs daily, whether in mortar or in bricks, then his youngest son shall be put in their place. (7) And the labor of Matsuraim strengthened upon the children of Yashur’al in those days, and behold if one brick was deficient in any man’s daily labor, the Matsurites took his youngest boy by force from his mother, and put him into the building in the place of the brick which his father had left wanting.

Book of Yashur (Jasher) 77:7-20 And Pharaoh sat upon his father’s throne to reign over Matsuraim, and he conducted the government of Matsuraim in his wisdom. (8) And whilst he reigned he exceeded his father and all the preceding kings in wickedness, and he increased his yoke over the children of Yashur’al. (9) And he went with his servants to Gushan to the children of Yashur’al, and he strengthened the labor over them and he said unto them, Complete your work, each day’s task, and let not your hands slacken from our work from this day forward as you did in the days of my father. (10) And he placed officers over them from amongst the children of Yashur’al, and over these officers he placed taskmasters from amongst his servants. (11) And he placed over them a measure of bricks for them to do according to that number, day by day, and he turned back and went to Matsuraim. (12) At that time the task-masters of Pharaoh ordered the officers of the children of Yashur’al according to the command of Pharaoh, saying, (13) Thus says Pharaoh, Do your work each day, and finish your task, and observe the daily measure of bricks; diminish not anything. (14) And it shall come to pass that if you are deficient in your daily bricks, I will put your young children in their stead. (15) And the task-masters of Matsuraim did so in those days as Pharaoh had ordered them. (16) And whenever any deficiency was found in the children of Yashur’al’s measure of their daily bricks, the task-masters of Pharaoh would go to the wives of the children of Yashur’al and take infants of the children of Yashur’al to the number of bricks deficient, they would take them by force from their mother’s laps, and put them in the building instead of the bricks; (17) Whilst their fathers and mothers were crying over them and weeping when they heard the weeping voices of their infants in the wall of the building. (18) And the task-masters prevailed over Yashur’al, that the Yashur’alites should place their children in the building, so that a man placed his son in the wall and put mortar over him, whilst his eyes wept over him, and his tears ran down upon his child. (19) And the task-masters of Matsuraim did so to the babies of Yashur’al for many days, and no one pitied or had compassion over the babies of the children of Yashur’al. (20) And the number of all the children killed in the building was two hundred and seventy, some whom they had built upon instead of the bricks which had been left deficient by their fathers, and some whom they had drawn out dead from the building.

Quhalat (Ecclesiastes) 1:8-11 All matters are wearisome, no one is able to speak of it. The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing. (9) What has been is what shall be, what has been done is what shall be done, and there is no new matter under the sun. (10) Is there a matter of which it is said, “See, this is new”? It was here already, long ago. (11) There is no remembrance of former ones, nor is there any remembrance of those that are to come by those who come later on.



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  1. Allan says:

    Wow. I have not yet read Yashur. Looks like I need too.

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