Warn The Masses


Warn the masses;
They sit on their asses.
Blow the trump, blow the horn;
Alert, alert, the sheeple are shorn.
Proclaim the Name, declare His Word;
To all the flock and to all the herd.
Wake the peoples, wake the masses;
‘Til the end comes, ’til the smoke passes.

Yu’al (Joel) 2:1-3 Blow a ram’s horn in Tsyun, and sound an alarm in My set-apart mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the earth tremble, for the day of YAHUAH is coming, for it is near: (2) a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and thick darkness, like the morning clouds spread over the mountains – a people many and strong, the like of whom has never been, nor shall there ever be again after them, to the years of many generations. (3) Ahead of them a fire has consumed, and behind them a flame burns. Before them the land is like the Garden of Awdan (Eden), and behind them a desert waste. And from them there is no escape.



About pilgrim217

Student of the Word of YAHUAH and Follower of YAHUSHUA ha'Mashyach.
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One Response to Warn The Masses

  1. Allan says:

    I just woke up a bit ago.

    Interesting thing is- these verses were “in my head” over and over while I laid there prior to getting up.


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