We Wish You A Scary HEX-mas


We wish you a Scary HEX-mas;
We wish you a Scary HEX-mas;
We wish you a Scary HEX-mas and a Crappy New Year.
Dread tidings we bring to you and your kin;
Dread tidings for HEX-mas and a Crappy New Year.

Oh, bring us a brainy pudding;
Oh, bring us a brainy pudding;
Oh, bring us a brainy pudding and a cup of blood beer.
We won’t go until we get some;
We won’t go until we get some;
We won’t go until we get some, so bring some out here.

Be near or be far, where ever you are;
Better be ready for another world war.
This is the year, when the $#!+ hits the fan;
So, seek The Word of YAHUAH while you still can.

We wish you a Scary HEX-mas;
We wish you a Scary HEX-mas;
We wish you a Scary HEX-mas and a Crappy New Year.

Leviticus 26:27-32 ‘And if in spite of this, you do not obey Me, but walk contrary to Me, (28) then I shall walk contrary to you in wrath. And I Myself shall punish you seven times for your sins. (29) ‘And you shall eat the flesh of your sons, and eat the flesh of your daughters. (30) ‘And I shall destroy your high places, and cut down your sun-pillars, and put your carcasses on the carcasses of your idols. And My being shall loathe you. (31) ‘And I shall turn your cities into ruins and lay your set-apart places waste, and not smell your sweet fragrances. (32) ‘And I shall lay the land waste, and your enemies who dwell in it shall be astonished at it.’

Deuteronomy 28:15-20 “And it shall be, if you do not obey the voice of YAHUAH your Aluahim, to guard to do all His commands and His laws which I command you today, that all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you: (16) “Cursed are you in the city, and cursed are you in the field. (17) “Cursed is your basket and your kneading bowl. (18) “Cursed is the fruit of your body and the fruit of your land, the increase of your cattle and the offspring of your flocks. (19) “Cursed are you when you come in, and cursed are you when you go out. (20) “YAHUAH sends on you the curse, the confusion, and the rebuke in all that you set your hand to do, until you are destroyed and until you perish quickly, because of the evil of your doings by which you have forsaken Me.”

Deuteronomy 28:53-66 “And you shall eat the fruit of your own body, the flesh of your sons and your daughters whom YAHUAH your Aluahim has given you, in the siege and distress in which your enemies distress you. (54) “The man among you who is tender, and who is very delicate, his eye is evil against his brother, against the wife of his bosom, and against the rest of his children whom he leaves behind, (55) against giving any of them the flesh of his children that he eats, because it is all that has been left to him in the siege and distress with which your enemy distresses you in all your gates. (56) “The tender and the delicate woman among you, who have not tried to set the sole of her foot on the ground because of her delicateness and tenderness, her eye is evil against the husband of her bosom, and against her son, and against her daughter, (57) and against her seed which comes out from between her feet, and her children whom she bears, for she eats them in secret for lack of all, in the siege and distress with which your enemy distresses you in all your gates. (58) “If you do not guard to do all the Words of this Turah that are written in this book, to fear this esteemed and awesome Name, YAHUAH your Aluahim, (59) then YAHUAH shall bring upon you and your descendants extraordinary plagues, great and lasting plagues, and grievous and lasting sicknesses. (60) “And He shall bring back on you all the diseases of Matsuraim, of which you were afraid, and they shall cling to you, (61) also every sickness and every plague, which is not written in the book of this Turah, YAHUAH does bring upon you until you are destroyed. (62) “And you shall be left with few men, although you had become as numerous as the stars of the heavens, because you did not obey the voice of YAHUAH your Aluahim. (63) “And it shall be, that as YAHUAH rejoiced over you to do you good and increase you, so YAHUAH does rejoice over you to destroy you and lay you waste. And you shall be plucked from off the land which you go to possess. (64) “And YAHUAH shall scatter you among all peoples, from one end of the earth to the other, and there you shall serve other mighty ones, which neither you nor your fathers have known, wood and stone. (65) “And among those nations you are to find no rest, nor have a resting place for the sole of your foot. But there YAHUAH shall give you a trembling heart, and failing eyes, and sorrow of being. (66) “And your life shall be hanging in suspense before you, and you shall fear day and night, and not be certain of your life.”

Yashaw’yahu (Isaiah) 49:24-26 Is prey taken from the mighty, and the captives of the righteous delivered? (25) Yet thus said YAHUAH, “Even the captives of the mighty is taken away, and the prey of the ruthless is delivered; and I strive with him who strives with you, and I save your children. (26) “And I shall feed those who oppress you with their own flesh, and let them drink their own blood as sweet wine. All flesh shall know that I, YAHUAH, am your Saviour, and your Redeemer, the Aluahim of Yaw’aqub.”

Yurumyahu (Jeremiah) 8:1-3 “At that time,” declares YAHUAH, “they shall bring the bones of the sovereigns of Yahudah, and the bones of its heads, and the bones of the priests, and the bones of the prophets, and the bones of the inhabitants of Yurushalam, out of their graves, (2) and shall spread them before the sun and the moon and all the host of the heavens, which they have loved and which they have served and after which they have walked, which they have sought, and to which they have bowed themselves. They shall not be gathered nor buried, they shall be for dung on the face of the earth. (3) “And death shall be preferred to life by all the rest of those who remain of this evil people, who remain in all the places where I have driven them,” declares YAHUAH of hosts.

Yurumyahu (Jeremiah) 9:22-24 Speak, “Thus declares YAHUAH, ‘The corpses of men shall fall as dung on the face of the field, like cuttings after the reaper, with none to gather them.’ ” (23) Thus said YAHUAH, “Let not the wise boast in his wisdom, let not the mighty boast in his might, nor let the rich boast in his riches, (24) but let him who boasts boast of this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am YAHUAH, doing kindness, right-ruling, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight,” declares YAHUAH.

Yurumyahu (Jeremiah) 19:4-9 “Because they have forsaken Me and have profaned this place, and have burned incense in it to other mighty ones whom neither they, their fathers, nor the sovereigns of Yahudah have known, and they have filled this place with the blood of the innocents, (5) and have built the high places of Baw’al, to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings to Baw’al, which I did not command or speak, nor did it come into My heart. (6) “Therefore see, the days are coming,” declares YAHUAH, “that this place shall no more be called Tuphat or the Valley of the Son of Hinum, but rather the Valley of Slaughter. (7) “And I shall pour out the counsel of Yahudah and Yurushalam in this place, and I shall make them fall by the sword before their enemies and by the hands of those who seek their lives. And I shall give their corpses as meat for the birds of the heavens and for the beasts of the earth. (8) “And I shall make this city a ruin, and a hissing – everyone who passes by it is appalled and hisses because of all its plagues. (9) “And I shall make them to eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their daughters, and eat one another’s flesh in the siege and in the distress with which their enemies and those who seek their lives distress them.”

Yurumyahu (Jeremiah) 25:31-33 “Tumult shall come to the ends of the earth, for YAHUAH has a controversy with the nations. He shall enter into judgment with all flesh. The wrong He shall give to the sword,’ declares YAHUAH.” (32) Thus said YAHUAH of hosts, “See, evil is going forth from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind is raised up from the farthest parts of the earth. (33) “And in that day the slain of YAHUAH shall be from one end of the earth even to the other end of the earth. They shall not be lamented, or gathered, or buried, for they are dung on the face of the ground.”

Tsaphanyahu (Zephaniah) 1:14-18 Near is the great day of YAHUAH, near and hurrying greatly, the noise of the day of YAHUAH. Let the mighty man then bitterly cry out! (15) That day is a day of wrath, a day of distress and trouble, a day of waste and ruin, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness, (16) a day of ram’s horn and alarm – against the walled cities and against the corner towers. (17) “And I shall bring distress on men, and they shall walk like blind men – because they have sinned against YAHUAH, and their blood shall be poured out like dust and their flesh like dung.” (18) Neither their silver nor their gold shall be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of YAHUAH. And by the fire of His jealousy all the earth shall be consumed, for He makes a sudden end of all those who dwell in the earth.

Malaky (Malachi) 2:1-9 “And now, O priests, this command is for you. (2) “If you do not hear, and if you do not take it to heart, to give esteem to My Name,” said YAHUAH of hosts, “I shall send a curse upon you, and I shall curse your blessings. And indeed, I have cursed them, because you do not take it to heart. (3) “See, I shall rebuke your seed, and scatter dung before your faces, the dung of your festivals. And you shall be taken away with it. (4) “And you shall know that I have sent this command to you, as being My covenant with Luy (Levi),” said YAHUAH of hosts. (5) “My covenant with him was life and peace, and I gave them to him, to fear. And he feared Me, and stood in awe of My Name. (6) “The Turah of truth was in his mouth, and unrighteousness was not found on his lips. He walked with Me in peace and straightness, and turned many away from crookedness. (7) “For the lips of a priest should guard knowledge, and they seek the Turah from his mouth, for he is the messenger of YAHUAH of hosts. (8) “But you, you have turned from the way, you have caused many to stumble in the Turah. You have corrupted the covenant of Luy,” said YAHUAH of hosts. (9) “And I also, I shall make you despised and low before all the people, because you are not guarding My ways, and are showing partiality in the Turah.”

Revelation 16:4-6 And the third messenger poured out his bowl on the rivers and fountains of water, and they became blood. (5) And I heard the messenger of the waters saying, “You are righteous, O YAHUAH, the One who is and who was and who shall be, because You have judged these. (6) “Because they have shed the blood of set-apart ones and prophets, and You have given them blood to drink. For they deserve it.”



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One Response to We Wish You A Scary HEX-mas

  1. Allan says:

    always ready, but I see “them” doing some interesting things with the impostors in the land. They keep saying “there are blood moons 2 years in a row in the spring.” So I expect to see the land of the false increase in size and scope in the next 2 “spring” times. You know the world has to believe that the people are in the land, when of course they are not.

    We will see. Interesting times. False “trib” then real “trib”. Man made “signs and wonders” then the real ones.

    A wicked and adulterous generation is currently seeking after a sign- thats for sure.

    Im sick and tired of seeing shatan-mass everywhere. Songs, singing, decorations. Wow. babylon the great. The false name, false Sabbath, false days, false image.

    I had some great friends from Hawaii that I tried to show the Truth to. I tried to show them about “j-c” being shatan, but they cast me out. I love these people like brothers and sisters. I still pray so often for them.

    Praise YAHUAH!!!

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