Twas The Night Before Sex Mass


Twas the night before Sex Mass, and all through the nation;
Not many were questioning, “What is this abomination?”
The verdant tree erected and decorated with delicate care;
Hours spent whore-shipping the dark prince of the air.

Have you not heard the origin of the Sex Mass tree?
It began with ancient peoples who fell into idolatry.
They had forsaken The Creator and raised up a man.
His name was Namurud, a mighty hunter upon the land.

He rebelled against YAHUAH, and he made idols of stone and wood.
He bowed to these carved images, he became wicked and no good.
He counseled with his great men. “Let us build a city and a strong tower.”
They planned to ascend to the heavens. They wanted fame and power.

So they built a tower and a city. It required much time, labor, bricks and mortar.
Now YAHUAH knew their thoughts. But He allowed them to err, and in order.
Then YAHUAH said to His seventy set-apart messengers who stood before Him;
“Come, let Us descend and confuse their tongues.” And They did so unto them.

As a result, the men understood not his neighbor’s language and hand signs.
They killed each other. And YAHUAH punished them according to their designs.
They ceased building the strong tower. And throughout the earth they did scatter.
YAHUAH called it Babal; there He confused. Isn’t it written in the Book of Yashur?

Namurud began a new world religion. Worship not The Creator, but the creation.
After his death, Semiramis, who was both his mother and wife, used propagation.
She claimed Namurud arose overnight from a dead log into an evergreen tree.
She deified him as the sun-god and celebrated his birthday. It’s Spiritual Adultery!

Today, all the nations who call Namurud by many names, still keep the custom.
The symbols: the tree, a phallus; the ornaments, testicles; the wreath, a womb;
The tinsel, semen; the star, Lucifer; and St. Nick, the Devil. It’s a big bag of lies.
Tis the real meaning of Sex Mass: the worship of Baw’al Zabub, lord of the flies.

Now if you’ve read up to this point, I strongly urge you to continue further a bit.
Surely our fathers inherited falsehood, futility and things wherein there is no profit.
YAHUAH is Aluahim, YAHUAH alone! Love Him with all your heart, soul and might.
And I pray YAHUAH make provision and protection for all, and to all a good night.



About pilgrim217

Student of the Word of YAHUAH and Follower of YAHUSHUA ha'Mashyach.
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2 Responses to Twas The Night Before Sex Mass

  1. Allan says:

    couldnt agree more. PRAISE YAHUAH!

  2. blessings bro.. these are all so well written..been putting on the ancient hebrew page

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