Trustworthy Friend

Exodus 33:11 Thus YAHUAH spoke to Mushah face to face, as a man speaks to his friend. And he would return to the camp, but his servant Yahushua son of Nun, a young man, did not leave the Tent.

Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 18:24 A man of many friends might come to ruin, but there is a Loving One Who sticks closer than a brother!

Proverbs 27:5-6 Open reproof is better than hidden love. (6) The wounds of a friend are true, but the kisses of an enemy are profuse.

Proverbs 27:9-10 Ointment and perfume gladden the heart, so one’s counsel is sweet to his friend. (10) Do not forsake your own friend or your father’s friend, and do not go into your brother’s house in the day of your calamity – Better is a neighbour nearby than a brother far away.

Proverbs 27:17 Iron is sharpened by iron, and a man sharpens the face of his friend.

Zakaryahu 13:7-9 “O sword, awake against My Shepherd, against the Man who is My Friend,” declares YAHUAH of hosts. “Smite the Shepherd, and let the sheep be scattered. But I shall turn My hand upon the little ones. (8) And it shall be throughout all the soil,” declares YAHUAH, “that two thirds therein are cut off and die, and one third is left therein. (9) “And I shall bring the third into fire, and refine them as silver is refined, and try them as gold is tried. They shall call on My Name, and I shall answer them. I shall say, ‘This is My people,’ while they say, ‘YAHUAH is my Aluahim.’ ”

Yahuchanan 15:13-19 “No one has greater love than this: that one should lay down his life for his friends. (14) “You are My friends if you do whatever I command you. (15) “No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing. But I have called you friends, for all teachings which I heard from My Father I have made known to you. (16) “You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, so that whatever you ask the Father in My Name He might give you. (17) “These words I command you, so that you love one another.(18) “If the world hates you, you know that it hated Me before it hated you. (19) “If you were of the world, the world would love its own. But because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, for that reason the world hates you.”

Luke 11:5-10 And He said to them, “Which of you shall have a friend, and go to him at midnight and say to him, ‘Friend, lend me three loaves, (6) since a friend of mine has come to me on his journey, and I do not have food to set before him,’ (7) then the one inside answering, says, ‘Do not trouble me, the door is already locked, and my children with me are in bed. I am unable to get up and give to you’? (8) “I say to you, if he does not get up and give to him because he is his friend, he shall get up and give him as many as he needs because of his persistence. (9) “And I say to you: ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you. (10) “For everyone asking receives, and he who is seeking finds, and to him who is knocking it shall be opened.”

Luke 12:4-5 “But I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that are unable to do any more. (5) “But I shall show you whom you should fear: Fear the One who, after killing, possesses authority to cast into Hell. Yea, I say to you, fear Him!”

Luke 15:1-10 Now all the tax collectors and the sinners were coming to Him to hear Him. (2) And the Pharisees and scribes grumbled, saying, “This One receives sinners and eats with them.” (3) And He spoke this parable to them, saying, (4) “What man among you, having a hundred sheep, and having lost one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness and go after the one which is lost until he finds it? (5) “And having found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing. (6) “And having come home, he calls together his friends and neighbours, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!’ (7) “I say to you that in the same way there shall be more joy in the heaven over one sinner repenting, than over ninety-nine righteous ones who need no repentance. (8) “Or what woman, having ten silver coins, if she loses one coin, does not light a lamp and sweep the house, and seek diligently till she finds it? (9) “And having found it, she calls friends and neighbours together, saying, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found the coin which I lost!’ (10) “I say to you, in the same way there is joy in the presence of the messengers of Aluahim over one sinner repenting.”

Yahuchanan 3:29 “He that has the bride is the bridegroom, but the friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly because of the voice of the bridegroom. So this joy of mine is complete.”

Yahuchanan 11:9-11 YAHUSHUA answered, “Are there not twelve hours in the day? If anyone walks in the day, he does not stumble, because he sees the light of this world. (10) “But if anyone walks in the night, he stumbles, because the light is not in him.” (11) He said this, and after that He said to them, “Our friend Alawzur (Lazarus) has fallen asleep, but I am going there, to wake him up.”

Yaw’aqub (James) 2:23 And the Scripture was filled which says, “Aburaham believed Aluahim, and it was reckoned to him for righteousness.” And he was called, “Aluahim’s friend.”

Sirach 6:12 The trustworthy friend is a secure refuge; whoever has found one has found a treasure.



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  1. Allan says:

    Thank you for these verses! Very good to read! YAHUAH is AMAZING.

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