יצר – yatsur

Psalms 2:7-9 I inscribe for a law: YAHUAH has said to Me, “You are My Son, Today I have brought You forth. (8) Ask of Me, and I make the nations Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth Your possession. (9) Break them with a rod of iron, Dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.”

Yashaw’yahu 29:15-16 Woe to those who seek deep to hide their counsel far from YAHUAH, and their works are in the dark; they say, “Who sees us?” and, “Who knows us?” (16) How perverse of you! Should the potter be reckoned as the clay? Should what is made say of its Maker, “He did not make me”? And what is formed say of Him who formed it, “He did not understand”?

Yashaw’yahu 41:20-25 “So that they see and know, and consider and understand together, that the hand of YAHUAH has done this, and the Set-apart One of Yashur’al has created it. (21) “Present your case,” says YAHUAH. “Let your strong ones come near,” says the Sovereign of Yawʽaqub. (22) “Let them draw near and declare to us what is going to take place; let them declare the former events, what they were, and we consider them, and know the latter end of them; or announce to us what is coming. (23) “Declare the events that are going to come hereafter, and we know that you are mighty ones; yea, do good or do evil, and let us be amazed and see it together. (24) “See, you are of naught, and your work a breath; he who chooses you is an abomination. (25) “I have stirred up one from the north, and he comes; from the rising of the sun he calls on My Name. And he comes against princes as though mortar, as the potter treads clay.”

Yashaw’yahu 64:8-9 And now, O YAHUAH, You are our Father. We are the clay, and You our potter. And we are all the work of Your hand. (9) Do not be wroth, O YAHUAH, nor remember crookedness forever. See, please look, all of us are Your people!

Yurumyahu 18:1-6 The word which came to Yurumyahu from YAHUAH, saying, (2) “Arise, and go down to the potter’s house, and there I let you hear My words.” (3) So I went down to the potter’s house, and saw him doing a piece of work on the wheel. (4) And the vessel that he made of clay was ruined in the hand of the potter, so he remade it into another vessel, as it seemed good to the potter to do. (5) Then the word of YAHUAH came to me, saying, (6) “O house of Yashur’al, am I not able to do with you as this potter?” declares YAHUAH. “Look, as the clay is in the hand of the potter, so are you in My hand, O house of Yashur’al!”

Yurumyahu 19:1-6 Thus said YAHUAH, “Go and get a potter’s earthen jug, and take some of the elders of the people and some of the elders of the priests. (2) “Then you shall go out to the Valley of the Son of Hanum, which is by the entry of the Potsherd Gate, and shall proclaim there the words that I speak to you, (3) and shall say, ‘Hear the word of YAHUAH, O sovereigns of Yahudah and inhabitants of Yurushalam. Thus said YAHUAH of hosts, the Aluahim of Yashur’al, “See, I am bringing evil on this place, that makes the ears tingle of all who hear it. (4) “Because they have forsaken Me and have profaned this place, and have burned incense in it to other mighty ones whom neither they, their fathers, nor the sovereigns of Yahudah have known, and they have filled this place with the blood of the innocents, (5) and have built the high places of Bawʽal, to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings to Bawʽal, which I did not command or speak, nor did it come into My heart. (6) “Therefore see, the days are coming,” declares YAHUAH, “that this place shall no more be called Tuphat or the Valley of the Son of Hanum, but rather the Valley of Slaughter.

Yurumyahu 19:7-13 “And I shall pour out the counsel of Yahudah and Yurushalam in this place, and I shall make them fall by the sword before their enemies and by the hands of those who seek their lives. And I shall give their corpses as meat for the birds of the heavens and for the beasts of the earth. (8) “And I shall make this city a ruin, and a hissing – everyone who passes by it is appalled and hisses because of all its plagues. (9) “And I shall make them to eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their daughters, and eat one another’s flesh in the siege and in the distress with which their enemies and those who seek their lives distress them.” ’ (10) “And you shall break the jug before the eyes of the men who go with you, (11) and shall say to them, ‘Thus said YAHUAH of hosts, “Even so I break this people and this city, as one breaks a potter’s vessel, which one is unable to repair again. And let them bury them in Tuphat till there is no place to bury. (12) “This is what I shall do to this place,” declares YAHUAH, “and to its inhabitants, so as to make this city like Tuphat. (13) “And the houses of Yurushalam and the houses of the sovereigns of Yahudah shall be as unclean as the place of Tuphat, because of all the houses on whose roofs they have burned incense to all the host of the heavens, and poured out drink offerings to other mighty ones.” ’ ”

Lamentations 4:1-2 How dim the gold has become, the fine gold changed! The stones of the set-apart place are scattered at the head of every street. (2) The precious sons of Tsyun who were weighed against fine gold, how they have been reckoned as clay pots, the work of the hands of the potter!

Zakuryahu 11:7-14 So I shepherded the flock meant for slaughter, the truly poor of the flock. And I took for myself two staffs, the one I called Pleasantness, and the other I called Unity, and I shepherded the flock. (8) Then I sent off the three shepherds in one month, for my being despised them, and their being also loathed me. (9) So I said, “I am not shepherding you. Let the dying die, and the straying stray, and let those who are left eat each other’s flesh.” (10) And I took my staff, Pleasantness, and cut it in two, to break the covenant which I had made with all the peoples. (11) So it was broken on that day. And the poor of the flock, who were watching me, knew that it was the word of YAHUAH. (12) And I said to them, “If it is good in your eyes, give me my wages. And if not, refrain.” So they weighed out for my wages thirty pieces of silver. (13) And YAHUAH said to me, “Throw it to the potter,” the splendid price at which I was valued by them. And I took the thirty pieces of silver and threw them into the House of YAHUAH for the potter. (14) Then I cut in two my other staff, Unity, to break the brotherhood between Yahudah and Yashur’al.

Matatyahu 27:1-10 And morning having come, all the chief priests and elders of the people took counsel against YAHUSHUA, so as to put Him to death. (2) And having bound Him, they led Him away and delivered Him to Pontius Pilate the governor. (3) Then Yahudah – he who delivered Him up – having seen that He had been condemned, repented, returned the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and to the elders, (4) saying, “I have sinned in delivering up innocent blood.” And they said, “What is that to us? You see to it!” (5) And throwing down the pieces of silver in the Dwelling Place he left, and went and hanged himself. (6) And the chief priests took the silver pieces and said, “It is not right to put them into the treasury, seeing they are the price of blood.” (7) So they took counsel and bought with them the potter’s field, for the burial of strangers. (8) Therefore that field has been called the Field of Blood, until today. (9) Then was filled what was spoken by Yurumyahu the prophet, saying, “And they took the thirty pieces of silver, the price of Him who was pierced, on whom they of the children of Yashur’al set a price, (10) and gave them for the potter’s field, as YAHUAH had ordered me.”

Romans 9:16-24 So, then, it is not of him who is wishing, nor of him who is running, but of Aluahim who shows favour. (17) For the Scripture says to Pharaoh, “For this same purpose I have raised you up, to show My power in you, and that My Name be declared in all the earth.” (18) So, then, He favours whom He wishes, and He hardens whom He wishes. (19) Then you shall say to me, “Why does He still find fault? For who has resisted His counsel?” (20) But who are you, O man, to talk back to Aluahim? Shall that which is formed say to him who formed it, “Why have you made me like this?” (21) Does not the potter have authority over the clay, from the same lump to make one vessel for value and another not for value? (22) And if Aluahim, desiring to show wrath, and to make His power known, with much patience tolerated the vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, (23) and that He might make known the riches of His esteem on vessels of compassion, which He had prepared beforehand for esteem, (24) even whom He called, not only us of the Yahudim, but also of the nations?

Revelation 2:26-27 And he who overcomes, and guards My works until the end, to him I shall give authority over the nations, (27) and he shall shepherd them with a rod of iron, as the potter’s vessels shall be broken to pieces, as I also have received from My Father.



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  1. Shalom !

    The truth are within the words .- Thank you so much.-
    May * Y A H U A H * let his blessings shine upon your head.-

    Gustav Eggerking

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