Inherit The Earth

ירש ארץ – yurash aurats

Genesis 15:1-7 After these events the word of YAHUAH came to Aburam in a vision, saying, “Do not be afraid, Aburam. I am your shield, your reward is exceedingly great.” (2) And Aburam said, “Master YAHUAH, what would You give me, seeing I go childless, and the heir of my house is Aly’awzur of Damashaq?” (3) And Aburam said, “See, You have given me no seed, and see, one born in my house is my heir!” (4) And see, the word of YAHUAH came to him, saying, “This one is not your heir, but he who comes from your own body is your heir.” (5) And He brought him outside and said, “Look now toward the heavens, and count the stars if you are able to count them.” And He said to him, “So are your seed.” (6) And he believed in YAHUAH, and He reckoned it to him for righteousness. (7) And He said to him, “I am YAHUAH, who brought you out of Aur of the Kasady, to give you this land to inherit it.”

Genesis 28:1-4 And Yatsachaq called Yaw’aqub and blessed him, and commanded him, and said to him, “Do not take a wife from the daughters of Kanawʽan. (2) “Arise, go to Padan Auram, to the house of Batu’al your mother’s father. And take a wife for yourself from there, from the daughters of Laban your mother’s brother. (3) “And Al Shadai bless you, and make you bear fruit and increase you, and you shall become an assembly of peoples, (4) and give you the blessing of Aburaham, to you and your seed with you, so that you inherit the land of your sojournings, which Aluahim gave to Aburaham.”

Leviticus 20:22-24 ‘And you shall guard all My laws and all My right-rulings, and do them, so that the land where I am bringing you to dwell does not vomit you out. (23) ‘And do not walk in the laws of the nation which I am driving out before you, for they do all these, and therefore I loathed them. (24) ‘But I say to you, “You are going to inherit their land, and I Myself give it to you to possess it, a land flowing with milk and honey.” I am YAHUAH your Aluahim, who has separated you from the peoples.’

Deuteronomy 2:30-31 “But Sichun sovereign of Chashabun would not let us pass over, for YAHUAH your Aluahim hardened his spirit and strengthened his heart, to give him into your hand, as it is this day. (31) “And YAHUAH said to me, ‘See, I have begun to give Sichun and his land over to you. Begin to possess – in order to inherit his land.’

Deuteronomy 16:18-22 “Appoint judges and officers within all your gates, which YAHUAH your Aluahim is giving you, according to your tribes. And they shall judge the people with righteous right-ruling. (19) “Do not distort right-ruling. Do not show partiality, nor take a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and twists the words of the righteous. (20) “Follow righteousness, righteousness alone, so that you live and inherit the land which YAHUAH your Aluahim is giving you. (21) “Do not plant for yourself a grove of any trees near the altar of YAHUAH your Aluahim that you make for yourself. (22) “And do not set up a pillar, which YAHUAH your Aluahim hates.”

Psalms 25:8-13 Good and straight is YAHUAH; Therefore He teaches sinners in the way. (9) He guides the meek ones in right-ruling, And He teaches the meek ones His way. (10) All the paths of YAHUAH are kindness and truth, To those who guard His covenant and His witnesses. (11) For Your Name’s sake, O YAHUAH, You shall pardon my crookedness, though it is great. (12) Who, then, is the man that fears YAHUAH? He teaches him in the way he should choose. (13) His life dwells in good, And his seed inherits the earth.

Psalms 37:7-11 Rest in YAHUAH, and wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man doing wicked devices. (8) Abstain from displeasure, and forsake wrath; Do not fret, also to do evil. (9) For evil-doers are cut off; But those who wait on YAHUAH, They shall inherit the earth. (10) Yet a little while and the wrong is no more; And you shall look on his place, But it is not. (11) But the meek ones shall inherit the earth, And delight themselves in plenty of peace.

Psalms 37:18-22 YAHUAH knows the days of the perfect, And their inheritance is forever. (19) They are not ashamed in a time of evil, And in the days of scarcity of food they are satisfied. (20) But the wrongdoers shall perish; And the enemies of YAHUAH, Like the splendour of the meadows they vanish, Like smoke they vanish away. (21) The wrongdoer is borrowing and does not repay, But the righteous one shows favour and gives. (22) For His blessed ones inherit the earth, But those cursed by Him are cut off.

Psalms 37:28-34 For YAHUAH loves right-ruling, And does not forsake His kind ones; They shall be guarded forever, But the seed of the wrongdoers is cut off. (29) The righteous shall inherit the earth, And dwell in it forever. (30) The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom, And his tongue talks of right-ruling. (31) The Turah of his Aluahim is in his heart; His steps do not slide. (32) The wrong one is watching for the righteous, And is seeking to slay him. (33) YAHUAH does not leave him in his hand, Or let him be declared wrong when he is judged. (34) Wait on YAHUAH and guard His way, And He shall exalt you to inherit the earth – When the wrongdoers are cut off, you shall see it.

Yashaw’yahu 57:1-5,10-13 The righteous one has perished, and no one takes it to heart. And kind men are taken away, while no one understands that the righteous one is taken away from the presence of evil, (2) he enters into peace. They who walk in integrity rest on their beds. (3) “But come here, you sons of the sorceress, you offspring of the adulterer and the whore! (4) Against whom are you sporting? Against whom do you make a wide mouth and stick out the tongue? Are you not children of transgression, offspring of falsehood, (5) being inflamed with mighty ones under every green tree, slaying the children in the valleys, under the clefts of the rocks? (10) “You have wearied yourselves with your many wanderings, yet you did not say, ‘I give up!’ You have found the life of your hand, therefore you were not grieved. (11) “And of whom have you been afraid, or feared, that you have lied and not remembered Me, nor taken it to your heart? Have I not been silent, even from of old, and you have not feared Me? (12) “Let Me declare your righteousness and your works, for they do not profit you. (13) “When you cry out, let your collection of idols deliver you. But the wind shall bear them all away, a breath take them. But he who takes refuge in Me shall inherit the land, and possess My set-apart mountain.”

Yashaw’yahu 60:18-22 “Violence shall no longer be heard in your land, neither wasting nor ruin within your borders. And you shall call your walls Deliverance, and your gates Praise. (19) “No longer is the sun your light by day, nor does the moon give light to you for brightness, but YAHUAH shall be to you an everlasting light, and your Aluahim your comeliness. (20) “No longer does your sun go down, nor your moon withdraw itself, for YAHUAH shall be your everlasting light, and the days of your mourning shall be ended. (21) “And your people, all of them righteous, shall inherit the earth forever – a branch of My planting, a work of My hands, to be adorned. (22) “The little shall become a thousand, and the small one a strong nation. I, YAHUAH, shall hasten it in its time.”

Matatyahu 5:5 Happy are the meek, because they shall inherit the earth.



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  1. Allan says:

    very awesome! Lot of depth in the above Scriptures.

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