The Original Dude

When I was in my teens and twenties, I often called my male friends by the American slang term, “Dude”. Some of the expressions I used with this word include “What’s up, Dude?”; “Dude, she’s fine.”; “Dude, when are you going to clean your car?”; and my favorite, “Duuude!!!”

Little did I realize that “dude” can be traced back to an ancient Hebrew three-letter word. These letters are dal, uau, dal and read from right to left. Transliterated into the English Alphabet, these letters are d, u, d. The u is pronounced “oo”. Thus, we have the word “dude”.

Interestingly, this word is translated as beloved, well-beloved, and uncle. It is also the name of the second king of Yashur’al, David. Can you believe it? King David is King Dude. The reason we pronounce the name as “David” and not as “Dude” is because the ancient Hebrew script was converted to the Aramaic or modern Hebrew text during the exile in Babylon. Years later, the Masoretes introduced the vowel points. Also, the uau took on a “v” sound.

Employing the Strong’s Concordance, you find the word as H1730 – דּוֹד  – dowd; and H1732  – דָּוִד – David. Yes, the same Hebrew word is translated as both a noun and a proper name. The vowel points change its pronunciation. If the ancient Hebrew is preserved, it’s pronounced “dude” as in H1731 – דּוּד – duwd.

Spiritually, this word refers to our Redeemer and Sovereign, YAHUSHUA ha’Mashyach. He is our Beloved. YAHUSHUA is the Original Dude. So then, as I remember calling my friends, “dude”, I realize now that I was using a term of endearment.

Catch ya later, Dude…



About pilgrim217

Student of the Word of YAHUAH and Follower of YAHUSHUA ha'Mashyach.
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3 Responses to The Original Dude

  1. Dalila Estrada says:

    Hey brother this paga is awesome! YaHuWaH bless you!

  2. Dalila Estrada says:

    I meant PAGE,sorry….

  3. like totally dude!…i was telling a friend how i was speaking to YAH and called HIM “dude” and he said that is so disrespectful and i was like ..not really ..if u know what it really means..they were actually madder after i told them!

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